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Kathleen Calby
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We’re the us. So this venture is with you and me.

On this side, I can tell you my part of the story. You’re welcome to send your part in too. We’ll add to the whole thing to create something entirely new as time goes along.


As a child, I heard musical tones from no identifiable source. Somewhere in those early years I learned it was better not to talk about such things.

When a spiritual teacher suggested that I listen to the sounds I heard, I decided to concentrate my efforts. If you hear sounds, you may want to spend some time with them. People may tell you the sounds indicate tinnitus or some inner ear condition, and this may be true. Check in with a medical professional. In addition, you may want to explore sounds further.

For me, the musical tones that I hear have actually changed over time – from single high-pitched notes (one was an almost piercing “ee”) to the presence of multiple tones bell-like in sound. The tones changed in shape in their relative location to me as well. The single pitches were linear, like a current through my head. When the sounds became bell-like, they evolved into spheres, about 6-8 feet away from me. Now, I am beginning to experience a cloud form that has less definite shape and surrounds me. I’ll be interested in your experiences.


I sought for years to find ways to respond to the tones I heard or to match them. At first, I thought I could figure them out this way. Thus, began my investigation into tuning forks, Tibetan singing bowls, drumming and gem crystal singing bowls.

Playing these various instruments all continued my relationship with sound. Some people use their voice. I have worked with mantras and chant and moved into altered states or saw changes in my being as the result of those sounds. However, I did not use my voice to “sing” to the sounds I heard. You might want to try that, and plenty of good information exists to support you.


What I know at this time is that I receive a beautiful form of communication and I am willing to listen for it. As I learn more, I will keep you posted.

I know that I am a “receiver.” For some reason, I can both hear and accept these sounds. I have come to understand the form of consciousness that transmits these sounds is grateful that I can receive them. Any response on my part to the sounds is not required. “Learning the language” in other words is not necessary. The sounds just wanted to be received. This perception has made me pause to think of the numerous times I have simply wanted to be “heard.” All of us have thought many, many times, “Would someone just listen to me?”

As the concept developed for me that I was a receiver, I also realized I might be a “transmitter” whether I realized it or not. My thinking here was that if I resonated to what I heard then I was creating a vibration that would be emanating from me. Thus, I would become a transmitter, whether consciously or not.

In May 2009, a guide in this process suggested that I might consider whether I was the source of these sounds. I would never have even thought of that (or maybe only years from now). I consider it a pretty unusual idea, but nothing about this exploration has been ordinary. So my ideas and relationship with these musical tones continues to change and evolve as well as the sounds themselves.


What difference does it make if they’re angels, me or interdimensional beings? None, except as it helps to refine the discovery process.

Early on, people told me that I was hearing my guides. The sounds were downloads of information. For them, that cleared everything up and labeled it nicely.

While I do believe I am receiving information of some kind, its communication is not one I consciously understand. (Some people said to ask them to speak English. I personally thought that was rude, and that I should be more conversant in sound and musical pitches.) Are they my guides? I don’t know. The sounds are beautiful to me, so I consider the consciousness benevolent, but no emotional quality is conveyed in the sounds, e.g., sorrow, desire or anger.

I’m not big on pat answers. So, while I gained comfort from knowing that a key might exist to this mystery, I needed to decide for myself what that key locked or unlocked.


Then one day in September 2008, I met the gem crystal bowls in Mt. Shasta. I was in love. Here were the multiphonics of the Tibetan bowls, the inclusion of gem stones’ frequency and consciousness, strong amplification of sound and user-friendly playing all rolled into one. I was only staying two days though, and the woman who could show me more about them was booked with other appointments. So I had to wait.

Four months later, in January 2009 at the Tucson Gem Show, I was having a field day seeing huge and unusual stones and crystals and friends in the business. For some reason, I looked up crystal bowls. Turned out the woman from Mt. Shasta was there. As a result, I bought my first bowl, nicknamed “Grandmother,” made of iron and quartz in a beautiful peach color with a bit of iridescence.

Then in late April I was released from a two-year free-lance engagement. Ever since the previous September I had said, “If I had any guts, I would go back to Mt. Shasta. There’s more for me to learn.” Within a week I was on a plane with a friend. It had taken no guts at all. I knew I had to go, and I did. I was as surprised as anyone. The afternoon we arrived, we went to Bev’s store “The Crystal Room.” She welcomed us and asked if we would like to come back after the store close for “an attunement.” Thrilled, we said yes.

As we sat down for the session in a room filled with crystal singing bowls, my friend looked at me and said “You have to buy these bowls. You have to play these bowls.” Three days later, I knew she was right.


So that’s what this exploration is about. And you’re welcome to join me. I think the journey is highly valuable in this case and a shortcut to the destination may not be. It seems that I am evolving in this discovery process as well as the sounds. I am happy to share this journey with you.
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