Kathleen Calby
Cleveland, Ohio
Gem Crystal Singing Bowls

The gem crystal bowls are a wonderful form of consciousness. They have the multiphonic aspect of the Tibetan bowls. Add to that the gem stones’ frequency and consciousness, strong amplification of sound and user-friendly playing for an ideal combination of qualities.

I find these bowls really give voice to the stones. If you are familiar with crystals you will recognize the sounds they convey. What a delight to play a citrine bowl so that someone else can hear what I feel when I hold the stone. When you play a D# note with a Diamond bowl, the sound has a different quality than a D# note in Sunstone or Smokey Quartz. The crystals’ voices are as different as our own.

What occurs when a Ruby bowl is a B note? Is the bowl for root chakra because of the ruby or crown chakra for the B note? What about a grounded crown open to all possibilities? That’s exactly what happens with these bowls. My clear Emerald bowl is an E note, which would indicate Solar Plexus, combined with the clear Ruby B note, it becomes very grounded (not elevated). Then when with the additional sound of the Grandmother (Iron on clear Quartz) F# note, the harmony is enhanced to a very high level, emanating from heart to beyond crown with the warm embrace of Mother Earth.

These bowls come in a variety of sizes (though not as big as the quartz bowls, nor as heavy). Generally composed of a single gem + quartz, they come in a range of notes as well as sizes. You can also ask for or create a combination of gems (up to a maximum of three gems plus quartz) by special order. A friend has a Kyanite, Citrine and Indium bowl. Another friend owns a Rose Quartz/Amethyst combination.

Please contact me for more information about these amazing gem crystal singing bowls.
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