Kathleen Calby
Hendersonville, NC

Discover a place of timelessness to explore with ease or simply relax and renew.

A professional quality, 40-minute CD is available for purchase. The session includes the gem crystal bowls, Tibetan bowls and tuning forks. Entitled Relax Into Harmony, the CD offers a restful space that may help you move toward sleep or deepen your meditation practice. Massage therapists enjoy using it for appointments. Purchase for $15+shipping by contacting me.

These sessions are conducted face-to-face in-person at this time. I offer you an individual time with your intention and the presence of the bowls. You can experience an environment of sound co-created with you for your highest and best. Feel the deep relaxation, harmony and energies that can be opened with the beauty of sound. Call 216-297-0739 or email to schedule an appointment.

Ideal for groups of 2-10 individuals, these sessions match your inspiration. Perhaps you want to introduce others to singing bowls, or maybe sacred sounds and harmonics interest you more, or you want to explore sound healing or maybe just simply relax. The sessions are conducted in your home or other small gathering place. The sessions can provide information about the bowls and sound and offer some hands-on experience as well as receptive listening. We’ll co-create the event, so you and your friends can enjoy the benefits.

For groups of 10 or more, we collaborate on ways to enhance the intention for the group’s convening.
• For groups in healthcare settings (nursing homes, chemo or dementia patients) or in therapy groups (such as cancer survivors, grief groups, recovering addicts, and others) we hold the intention for healing and seek to offer relief from stress and distress. This work is not a substitute for seeking medical attention.
• For meditation groups, or spiritual or religious groups seeking enhanced meditation with sound.
• For creative groups of artists, writers, dancers, yoga practitioners and the like, the singing bowls offer another dimension for inspiration.
• For service organizations or enterprises with employees who provide services that may create stress, the bowls offer deep relaxation that extends beyond the session. Consider providing this stress-reliever as part of your next team meeting or off-site.
• For businesses seeking to offer employees an opportunity for relaxation or inspiration, a session with the bowls can open new pathways to success. Sessions allow participants to move into theta states of consciousness and get out of the proverbial “box” for insights and problem-solving breakthroughs.
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