Kathleen Calby
Hendersonville, NC

I ask for feedback from my programs with groups of people who remain anonymous. Here are some responses:

“Call it a musical massage.”

“At first, I was energetically connecting to each resonance – kind of like getting to know someone. Then the different sounds blended together with the universe and I could see all different forms of creation and evolving energies mixed together.”

“I found it deeply relaxing.”

“I’ve been under a lot of stress, and after hearing the bowls I feel centered and balanced.”

“Stirred up my chakras, danced around, leveled out – third eye activation, then calming.”

“Tingling, relaxation and joy – physically uplifting and warmth. My spine expanded most comfortably.”

Others are offering their comments to share:

“My session was inspired and inspiring. Kathleen's gifts worked their way into my heart. I still feel their influence days later.” - LH, Wilmington, DE

“I received the CD. I'm listening to it right now. Really beautiful." - AP, Houston, TX
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