Kathleen Calby
Cleveland, Ohio
Tibetan Singing Bowls

When I first began to play Tibetan singing bowls, I was fortunate to have an unexpected source from the Bon-po monks of Tibet and was able to purchase two bowls, one over 300 years old and the other 200 years old. I have since added to my collection with a variety of bowls from diverse dealers. Most are hand-forged. They are genuine treasures, and I revere them as sacred forms of consciousness residing in the bowls, not simply musical instruments.

Some people are surprised at the care and attention I give these bowls. Yet since I believe they are forms of consciousness, I feel they deserve respect in the ways they are used. They merit our awareness and attention in playing them. These bowls were created with strong, well-developed intention for ritual and meditation.

The Tibetan singing bowls possess multi-phonics due to the multiple metals alloyed in them. Each metal has its own musical pitch, and creates additional chords when combined with the other metals. I do not find this quality in most of the pure quartz bowls I have heard. However, the gem crystal bowls do have that quality. I believe it is due to the combination of the gems or minerals with quartz.

Single quartz bowls have the advantage of distinct clear tones – an overtone and an undertone and no deviance. Their sounds can address particular parts of the body or work with specific chakras. The Tibetan singing bowls are more multi-dimensional as well as multi-phonic. Their sounds and amplification address issues on diverse levels simultaneously. They require my best awareness, a grounded sense and a clear field. The Tibetans respond to and collaborate with my consciousness and the client’s or audience’s as well. Have you experienced this? Perhaps this mutability fascinates you too.

I have high-quality Tibetan bowls from the 17th through the 19th century for sale.

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